What are the traditions performed at Wimbledon every year?

What are the traditions performed at Wimbledon every year?

traditions performed at Wimbledon

The Championships, Wimbledon, often known as The Championships or just Wimbledon, is the world’s oldest tennis event and often considered as the most prestigious. Since 1877, it has been contested at the All-England Club in Wimbledon, London, on outdoor grass courts, with a retractable cover over Centre Court from 2009, and a retractable cover over No. 1 Court since 2019.

List of traditions performed at Wimbledon Championships

1. Grass surface

Grass surface

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament still held on a natural surface, namely a grass court. In addition, it is the oldest event of its sort. Wimbledon is still played on a natural court, despite the fact that it has been in existence for 132 years.


2. Dress code

Dress code

People should understand that when they participate in sports, they will sweat. Sweating was frowned upon in Victorian times, therefore white tennis clothes were created to cover as much perspiration as possible.

The regulation stayed, and it’s still followed at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Some athletes have been chastised for apparently minor violations; in 2013, Roger Federer was chastised for wearing orange-soled sneakers.

3. Creamed Strawberries

Andy Murray enjoying the strawberries

The most popular snack at Wimbledon is strawberries served with fresh cream. The delicious treat has been provided since the tournament’s inception in 1877, and it has remained a fan favourite ever since.


Some believe the link to the sport stretches back to King Henry VIII’s reign. Thomas Wolsey, one of the king’s counsellors, is claimed to have served it during a dinner in the early 1500s. It seemed to go down well, and it was routinely given to spectators at the tennis court at Hampton Court Palace while games were being played. The snack is not only famous among the spectators, but even top players like Andy Murray was seen enjoying the strawberries.

4. The Royal Family

The queen

This is the only Grand Slam that has a Royal Family as a patron. They are die-hard Championship fans who have attended several games. The All-England Club is sponsored by the Queen of Britain, who frequently visits Wimbledon and greets the players. Even Princess Diana, before her untimely demise, was a regular visitor at Wimbledon.

The Royal Family has a seat in the Royal Box, and it was formerly a Wimbledon tradition for players to greet all members of the royal family. However, since 2003, the All-England Club’s president, the Duke of Kent, has abandoned the custom. Players must now courtesy the queen or the Prince of Wales only if they are present.


5. Equal Prize Money for Men and Women

Equal prize money

The winners of the gentlemen’s competitions were initially given significantly more money than the winners of the women’ competitions. However, in 2007, Wimbledon altered its rules and began giving the equal sum to men and women in each event category.

Many people have criticized the decision, claiming that because women’s victories are based on the best of three sets, and men’s are based on the best of five sets, women spend significantly less time on the court than men.

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