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‘Anything wrong with that?’ John McEnroe calls for making Men’s matches shorter at grand slams, argues it will make things more unpredictable

John McEnroe believes that instead of introducing a Best-of-5 format for women's tennis, men's tennis should be shortened.

John McEnroe

Time and again, there always comes up a debate about the disparities in men’s and women’s game. While most parts of it lie on the quality of tennis played, one topic that never gets old is the format in which matches are played at the grand slam level. The Men’s Singles matches at the four grand slams are played in the Best of 5 format while the Women’s Singles matches are played in the Best of 3 format.

When it comes to normal your, the men’s matches are also played in the Best of 3 format. Due to the Best of 5 formal in majors, many matches go for over 4 hours which hits the tournament both logistically and schedule-wise. There have been several talks of extending the women’s game to Best of 5 too to end the debate once and for all.

But American legend John McEnroe thinks otherwise. He believes that the format should be revamped for Men’s tennis rather than women’s. “It probably would be a little bit more predictable because then you would see it become more a question of fitness, more physical. That would mean the people who are in incredible shape would win more often,” McEnroe said.

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John McEnroe vouches for a 10-point tiebreaker to end the match

Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe

He instead proposed that a 10-point tie-breaker could be introduced instead of the fifth set. “I think the argument should be the other way. I think there’s an argument that the men should not be playing for four or five hours. Maybe, god forbid, there should be some compromise. My compromise would be best-of-five but at two sets all, play a 10-point tie-breaker for the match,” he said.

McEnroe stuck his neck out to say that women’s tennis doesn’t need a best of 5 format rather the men’s game should be made shorter. He said: “I don’t think the answer is for the women to go best-of-five. I think the answer is for the men to go a little shorter.” On asked if that would make things more unpredictable on the men’s side, he questioned: “Is there anything wrong with that?”

It is believed that the Big 3- Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic wouldn’t have won so many majors if the Best of 5 format wouldn’t be in place. So McEnroe’s suggestions, if implemented will definitely mix things up.

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