Carlos Alcaraz and Coco Gauff are the ‘heir apparent’ to the generation that was led by Roger Federer asserts Australian Open chief Craig Tiley

Craig Tiley claims Carlos Alcaraz and Coco Gauff will be the future of tennis after Roger Federer.

Carlos Alcaraz and Coco Gauff are the ‘heir apparent’ to the generation that was led by Roger Federer asserts Australian Open chief Craig Tiley

Coco Gauff, Craig Tiley and Carlos Alcaraz ( Credits: Recognize, News24, The Times Of India)

Craig Tiley, the Tournament Director of the Australian Open, was recently involved in a discussion with Craig Gabriel. From the highlights of this season to the preparations for next year’s Australian Open as well, the chat extensively covered the majority of the happenings in the tennis world.

Craig Gabriel and Craig Tiley also discussed the future of tennis and the upcoming stars of this generation of the sport. He mentioned how every generation of the sport has seen talents that have carried the legacy of tennis over the years, like Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, and Roger Federer. However, interestingly, the Australian Open director put forth his two stars for this generation. 

I think Coco and Carlos are the two that are probably ahead of the pack in that. But the pack is broad, which is great.
Craig Tiley said via We are Tennis

Furthermore, Craig Tiley mentioned how, in this generation, Carlos Alcaraz and Coco Gauff are the two upcoming stars who have the capability to conquer the sport in the coming years. He also talked about how they are witnessing an interesting era of tennis. Craig further added: 

I think we're in an exciting time. On the men's side and the women's side, there's quite a lot. There are some that are starting to stake their claim as being the heir apparent to that.

Coco Gauff recently created history by becoming the first teen since Serena Williams to win the US Open. It also marked her first Grand Slam victory. On the other hand, Carlos Alcaraz also had a great season, as he defeated the Serbian legend Novak Djokovic to bag his first Wimbledon title this year. The two players are indeed dominant and have the capability to perform consistently well in the upcoming seasons.

Craig Tiley talks about how each Grand Slam has its own stars

Every Grand Slam of the year has a favorite and a star who has made the slam favorite because of their incredible performance in that particular arena. All stars make a name for themselves after attaching them to a Grand Slam.

Craig Tiley
Craig Tiley ( Credits:

For instance, Roger Federer is associated with Wimbledon, while Rafael Nadal has his name written all over the French Open.

Adding further to this, Craig mentioned:

Grand Slams being the pillars of the sport are the ones that really bring their talent to life. Martina Hingis is a classic example. The Australian Open, made a name for herself.

Talking about how this tradition will always continue and is a kind of cycle, Craig Tiley stated:

Every one of these Grand Slams have had a player and players that are going to be the stars of the future, get to the final weekend and get put on the world stage, and then the world gets to see who the next talent is.

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