Holger Rune’s mother reveals Patrick Mouratoglou’s ‘Ego clashes’ with Lars Christensen led to sudden changes for which the young Dane is paying the price

Holger Rune's mother reveals there is tension between the coaches.

Holger Rune’s mother reveals Patrick Mouratoglou’s ‘Ego clashes’ with Lars Christensen led to sudden changes for which the young Dane is paying the price

Aneke Rune, Lars Christensen, Holger Rune and Patrick Mouratoglou (Credits: Tennis Majors

Holger Rune’s mother, Aneke Rune, expresses her concern over the rocky relationship between the player’s coaches, Lars Christensen and Patrick Mouratoglou.

Rune’s coaching team consists of his longstanding coach, Christensen, who has been with the World No. 4 since he was six years old. Patrick Mouratoglou, who has also coached tennis legend Serena Williams for about a year and is primarily the coach of Simona Halep, joined the team. He had taken up the duty of Rune’s temporary coach as Halep was suspended due to doping allegations.


Both the coaches have been working together since the Dane triumphed by lifting his maiden Masters 1000 title at the Paris Masters in 2022. They also kicked off the hardcourt season together. They started with the Australian Open, where the fourth seed faced an exit in the fourth round.

Aneke, who is Rune’s mother and manager, has now hinted that there is trouble between the team. She said, “I don’t know what will happen with the coaching situation now. It’s a bit strange. The team that worked at the end of the year (2022) suddenly didn’t work in Australia. There were ego clashes between the coaches. The team that worked during the clay season suddenly doesn’t work now. Ego clash again? I don’t know. The fact is that it is Holger who pays the price for it every time, and that cannot be right.”

She further added that Holger is the one who sets his team, and there is no doubt that the team always achieves the objective they have set out to do. She also revealed that she would encourage Holger and Lars to get back into their work clothes when they had finished helping Clara in the US Open.


She also believes that the structured way of working works for Rune. It may not sound terribly sexy, but it is something that has been proven extremely effective since he was little. She thinks that for him, having a structure he can identify with and be secure in is very important, and he should stick to that idea.

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Holger Rune’s surprise exit at the US Open

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Holger Rune (Credits: Eurosport)

The 20-year-old fourth seed’s journey at the US Open came to an end quite quickly on Tuesday. He lost to Spanish veteran Roberto Carballes Baena in the second round. The Danish player, who reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon this year, has been facing a series of early defeats at the tournaments recently.


Rune had expressed his displeasure with the organizers before the tournament. He had expressed his frustration at playing on Court 5. During the course of the match, Rune struggled to find his rhythm and made 43 unforced errors. He conceded to Carballes Baena with a scoreline of 6-3, 4-6, 6-3,6-2.

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