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Is Patrick Mouratoglou the reason for Simona Halep’s divorce having allegedly had an affair with Serena Williams as well?

Patrick Mouratoglou is thought to be the reason for Simona Halep's recent divorce from her husband

Patrick Mouratoglou with Serena Williams and Simona Halep

Simona Halep, the 30-year-old Romanian tennis professional was unable to make the most of her 2022 season. Halep was stunned in the first round of the 2022 US Open as she was eliminated by Ukrainian Daria Snigur. Despite not making it big this year, Halep managed to capture many headlines within the past months.


Halep recently decided to part ways with her husband, Toni Iuruc. After bowing out of the US Open to qualifier Daria Snigur, Halep shared the news of her divorce with her fans. Many tried to speculate the reason for the divorce as Halep seemed to have been struggling for quite some time before she finally went through with the divorce.

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Is Patrick Mouratoglou the reason for Simona Halep’s recent divorce?

Patrick Mouratoglou and Simona Halep

Many fans speculated the reason for Simona Halep’s recent divorce. Her coach Patrick Mouratoglou is speculated to be one of the reasons for it. Fans put forward a plethora of reasons that Mouratoglou was to blame for Simona Halep divorcing her husband.

Romanian tabloid Cancan put forward some plausible explanations as to how Mouratogluo might have been involved. The tabloid claimed that since Halep signed the contract with Mouratoglou in April, Iuruc (her ex-husband) has not attended any of her matches. Mouratoglou has been overly protective of Halep after losses and this goes both ways which aroused suspicions among many fans.

Apart from a suspected romantic relationship with Simona Halep, this would not be the first time that Mouratoglou would be involved with one of the players that he is coaching. Back in 2012, Mouratoglou was also suspected of having a romantic relationship with American icon Serena Williams.

Serena and Mouratoglou worked together for 10 years and the French tennis coach was married to his first wife when the rumors around Serena Williams and his relationship arose. There was a lot of controversy around the topic back then and fans seem to think there is a similar case with Simona Halep this time around as well.

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