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“It’s about biology, not identity” Martina Navratilova takes a strong stand against trans-women induction in tennis, saying it will be the end of women’s sports

Martina Navratilova takes a strong stand against the induction of Trans-women athletes in women's sports and considers it to be the end.

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova made a really strong statement about the induction of trans-women athletes into women’s sports. There has been a lot of chatter around this topic for the past couple of years and now it has been louder.

Navratilova being a crucial part of women’s sport was very concerned about the induction of trans-women into women’s sport. According to her, this induction could very well lead to the end of women’s sport.

The physical capabilities of a biologically male person after puberty is way stronger when compared with women. She was afraid that the induction of trans-women will bring with it a dent in the biological females playing the game.

Her concern although justified could be considered homophobic by the people belonging to the trans community. But one needs to keep that out of their mind and for once consider the basic principles on which sports are played. Navratilova mentions in the interview with Piers Morgan that the divisions in sports are based on biology and not identity.

Identifying as a woman couldn’t be considered a way of entering into women’s sports because of the basic principles on which sports are played. You need to give a level playing field to everyone which starts with their biological structure and not their identical structure.

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“Impossible to mitigate the division,” says Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova went ahead to express her concern over the mitigation process to bring the level field in. Although a viable solution but Navratilova mentions that, “Post puberty it is almost impossible to mitigate the difference between a biological male to a biological female.”

Navratilova who has been a legend of tennis and achieved great highs in the sport wanted to defend the rights of the biological females playing the sport. She knows that competing with a trans-women with no mitigation would obviously lead to their domination and the downfall of women’s sports in general.

However, she has nothing personal against trans-women or anyone belonging to the LGBTQ+ community but it’s just that she is concerned about the legacy of sports all around the world after such a step.

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