At 65 years young, John McEnroe signs up as the Global Tennis Ambassador for Pepperstone as the ‘Bad boy of tennis’ embarks on a new career adventure

Till last month, Pepperstone was the name sponsor for the ATP Tour rankings.

At 65 years young, John McEnroe signs up as the Global Tennis Ambassador for Pepperstone as the ‘Bad boy of tennis’ embarks on a new career adventure

John McEnroe (via Imago)

Tennis legend John McEnroe has recently signed up as the Global Tennis Ambassador for Pepperstone. The 7-time singles Grand Slam champion joined a list of stars in an enormous deal with the renowned Australian company. 

The company Pepperstone is one of the leading brokers for Forex (FX) and Contracts For Difference (CFD). They have always been involved in tennis. Until a month ago, they had a huge deal with the ATP, and even the rankings were known as the Pepperstone ATP rankings. However, now it has been replaced by Saudi’s PIF. 

Nonetheless, the company still has a strong hold on the sport, and to improve it, they have collaborated with tennis royalty John McEnroe, who is known for his ‘Bad Boy’ charisma on the court. McEnroe has always been a charismatic person both on and off the court. Tamaz Szabo, the CEO of Pepperstone, also revealed that McEnroe is the perfect person for this role. 

John is a tennis icon whose influence extends beyond his remarkable achievements on the court, and we very much look forward to working together with him as our Global Tennis Ambassador.
said the CEO of Pepperstone as per B&T Magazine

Pepperstone’s commitment to sports extends beyond tennis. They have played their role in various other sports, like soccer and motorsports. And now to continue their reach, they have signed up a former champion tennis player.

John McEnroe joins Alex de Minaur to represent Pepperstone

Recently, the worldwide company Pepperstone signed up John McEnroe as their Global Brand Ambassador for his reputation in tennis, and commitment towards helping those in need. McEnroe joined the likes of Alex de Minaur as the Ambassadors and was seemingly delighted with this partnership. 

John McEnroe
John McEnroe (Via Imago)

On his part, McEnroe revealed that he couldn’t have found a better partner than Pepperstone. Considering their track record in the sport, the former tennis champion revealed to be happy to join the organization as an ambassador. 

I couldn’t ask for a better doubles partner than Pepperstone. They’ve got a history of supporting tennis, and they’re clearly as passionate about the future of the sport as I am
McEnroe on joining Pepperstone

Recently, Pepperstone has also been broadening its scope of reach. Through soccer, they partnered with the Asian Football Confederation and similarly partnered with Geelong Cats. With this, not only do they have a reach for themselves but also enhance visibility towards Australian Sports.

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