Konstantin Kolstov’s ex-wife Yulia Mikhailova had accused Aryna Sabalenka for her divorce and ruining her family life

Aryna Sabalenka to play in the Miami Open despite the emotional trauma.

Konstantin Kolstov’s ex-wife Yulia Mikhailova had accused Aryna Sabalenka for her divorce and ruining her family life

(In circle) Konstantin Kolstov with ex-wife Yulia Mikhailova; (In background) Aryna Sabalenka with Kolstov (Image credit: Open Source/Instagram)

The tennis world remains shocked since the news broke out that Aryna Sabalenka‘s ex-partner, Konstantin Kolstov, was found dead in St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Miami. Amidst the pain of the news, an Instagram post of Kolstov’s ex-wife, Yulia Mikhailova, indirectly accusing Sabalenka of splitting her marriage resurfaced in public.


In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the news of the former ice hockey star’s death was one of the biggest shocks of the day. The Miami-Dade Police Department, which was in charge of the investigation, stated that it was an ‘apparent suicide’ and did not think that there was any foul play associated with it.

Days after the incident, an Instagram post by Kolstov’s ex-wife Mikhailova indirectly accusing her of ending their marriage made public limelight. The post, dated 28 April 2020, took a big dig at girls who dated men with wife and children. Mikhailova also tagged Sabalenka’s Instagram account in an apparent accusation of the tennis player’s role in splitting her marriage.

And an appeal to all the girls who are hanging on other people's husbands with children in the family!!! This is mean !!!! This is the most amazing and the happiest time, but at the same time the most difficult, because a small child takes a lot of energy, energy and time… Maybe someday you'll be there too…
Mikhailova had written in the Instagram caption

However, Sabalenka and Kolstov made their relationship only made their relationship public in an Instagram post in July 2021. This makes Mikhailova’s claims untrue and has recently rebuffed her Instagram statement.


Yulia Mikhailova clears the air about accusation against Sabalenka

A few days after the death of Konstantin Kolstov, his ex-wife Yulia Mikhailova finally cleared the air stating that her Instagram post in 2020 accusing Aryna Sabalenka was dictated by emotions. Mikhailova had indirectly accused the Belarusian tennis player of ending her marriage with Koltsov, just days after splitting with the former ice hockey star.

Aryna Sabalenka (Image via Imago)

In a recent interview with Zerkalo, Mikhailova stated that Sabalenka is a nice girl, and she treats her children well.

Yes, I have. Nice girl. My post a few years ago was dictated by emotions, it was very painful. I loved Konstantin very much… But Sabalenka treated my children well, so I have a normal attitude towards her.
Mikhailova said

Despite the emotional trauma, Sabalenka is going ahead to compete at the Miami Open. She will face her good friend Paula Badosa in the second round, hoping to prove how strong she is amidst the heartbreaking situation.

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