WATCH: Nicolas Jarry halts match midway to send his bottle of water to a young fan who fell ill at the China Open 

Nicolas Jarry gets plaudits for helping out a little fan.

WATCH: Nicolas Jarry halts match midway to send his bottle of water to a young fan who fell ill at the China Open 

Nicolas Jarry offering water (Via X)

2023 China is underway and many top-ranked players have advanced to the round of 16 of the tournament. In the world of professional sports, moments of selflessness and compassion can have a profound impact, reminding us that there is more to the game than just winning. Recently in the China Open, Chilean tennis player Nicolas Jarry displayed a remarkable act of sportsmanship that left the spectators in awe.


With the increased humidity in China, players, as well as fans, need to keep themselves well-hydrated in order to not get sick during the game. During the second set of the game against Stefanos Tsitsipas, Nicolas noticed a young fan who fell ill and offered him a bottle of water. The heartwarming incident was captured on Tennis TV and posted on their official Twitter account titled,“ Wholesome content, NicoJarry helps out a young spectator who has fallen ill.”

Jarry’s compassionate gesture not only showcased his concern for the well-being of others but also shed light on the importance of player-fan connections in the world of sports. The sweltering heat at the China Open can take a toll on players, and their resilience is put to the test. However, Jarry’s selfless act demonstrates that empathy that everyone should resonate.

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Fans shower Nicolas Jarry with lots of love for his kind actions

After the video of Nicolas sending a water bottle to the young fan was released over the internet. Fans have non-stop praised him for his kind actions. Professional sports are often associated with fierce competition, intense rivalries, and driven athletes aiming for victory.

Nicolas Jerry
Nicolas Jerry (Via Tennis Majors)

Moreover, moments like these bring in the awe factor to the game that enlightens the atmosphere. One of the comments read,“This is why we love him, such a good dude.” Here are some more fan comments.

Nicholas went on to win the round of 32 matches against the Greeks. The final score was 6-4,6-4 with the Chilean winning in straight sets. However, the highlight of the game was surely the gesture shown by Jarry in the middle of the heated game.

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