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Nick Kyrgios accuses umpires of unnecessarily punishing him ‘to stay relevant’

Nick Kyrgios has fired back at the umpire for giving him unnecessary violations in his match against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios was slapped with some violations in his ‘Round of 16’ match against Stefanos Tsitsipas. Though Kyrgios won the tough match, he had lost the first set 7-5 and was so upset that he went on another racquet-smashing spree. He received an automatic violation for a racquet violation. It seemed like Kyrgios was on his way to another tumble and was going to lose but he buckled up and won the remaining two sets and the match convincingly.

Kyrgios received another violation in the match though. It was good that this time it didn’t affect his game. He was given a time violation and he refused to play until the supervisor came. After the game continued, he was back on track and defeated Tsitsipas to enter his second consecutive quarterfinal on grass.

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Nick Kyrgios thinks he is unfairly being punished by the umpires.

Nick Kyrgios

After the match, in the press conference, Kyrgios said that he feels that the umpires punish him “to try to be relevant”. He said that he was completely unaffected by the time violation the umpire gave him. He continued, “Umpires, I don’t even think they understand the concept of everyone’s here in Halle, it’s a full stadium to see me and Stef play and I think they just want to be relevant sometimes.”

Nick Kyrgios also said that it was absurd that he got a time violation as he feels that he is one of the quickest players out there and he reiterated that it was just a stunt from the umpire to get attention. Kyrgios will play his quarterfinal against Pablo Carreno Busta in an attempt to get to his second consecutive semifinal on the grass.

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