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Nick Kyrgios turns down a million-dollar tennis match against Bernard Tomic but is open to a fistfight in the ring

Nick Kyrgios was offered a million-dollar grudge match by former teammate Bernard Tomic.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios was involved in an ugly battle of words with a compatriot and former ATP world number 17, Bernard Tomic. It’s a well-known fact that the two don’t get along well and often take digs at each other, which always blows up in their faces.


Last year Kyrgios started the feud when he wrote on his social media that he felt insulted being compared to Bernard Tomic. Again replying to a fan’s comment that Bernard is better than him, he highlighted that he had higher ranking, earning, and is still playing, so Tomic is definitely not a better player. With the feud blowing up, Tomic made a big splash as he offered Kyrgios a million-dollar tennis challenge. He said:

“Talk is cheap. I’m happy to make it two nil [to me] any time.”
“I’ll put up a million and you put up a million, let’s see who is the better player. Let the public see who is better for once and for all.”
“I’ve beaten you easy before and I’ll do it again. Plus we’ll play on grass so you don’t make any excuses.”


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Nick Kyrgios has bigger fishes to try

Nick Kyrgios

Bernard Tomic, like Nick Kyrgios, is another bad boy of tennis, and he didn’t hold back. He highlighted his junior career’s achievements which Kyrgios again ridiculed. Kyrgios had already declared that he was one of the best players on a grass court, and Tomic, too, had made a similar claim that he could win Wimbledon and do it before he retires.

Tomic extended the challenge to cover the boxing ring too. He said: “You know what? Let’s sort this out in the boxing ring. Put your gloves on, I’ll dominate you there also. Let’s see who’s better once and for all.”

Both the players talk more than either of them put in the work, and that’s why they have never been able to live up to their potential. Nick Kyrgios declined the challenge saying: 

“I’m still playing on the tour, my brother. I’ve got bigger fish to fry,” 

“If you want to play me and you want to set this straight, just get back to the top of the sport. I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”

World number 77, Nick Kyrgios is getting ready for a grass season and would like to step up in the Wimbledon as there might be less intense competition and that gives the Australian a small window to make a great run at the Championships.

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