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“Not more than one set” German doctors cast doubts over the ‘reality’ of Rafael Nadal’s foot injury

Rafael Nadal's foot injury has been questioned by the German doctors if it even exists.

Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2022

Rafael Nadal was diagnosed with Mueller-Weiss syndrome at the start of his career and it seemed like it was only some time before he would have to quit tennis to save his foot, or that his syndrome would not allow him to continue for more than a few years. But, Rafa has continued to defy the odds and he still going strong, having won 22 Grand Slams, the highest in men’s tennis history. After his latest victory at the French Open 2022, he revealed that he had to inject anesthetics to cope with the pain during Roland-Garros.

Rafa got radiotherapy ablation after Roland-Garros to sever the pain nerves so that he could play further tournaments without numbing his foot. Werner Bartens, a Sueddeutsche Zeitung journalist spoke to German orthopedic surgeons who are skeptical about Rafael Nadal’s diagnosis. They said: “This disease and top sport cannot go with each other. I don’t think he has necrosis (numbness) of the bone, because the disease is progressing and it is difficult to play top sport for several hours.”

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German doctor believes that Rafael Nadal doesn’t have Mueller-Weiss Syndrome.

Rafael Nadal

They also elaborated on the different aspects of the Mueller-Weiss disease. They said: “The required dose for that kind of pain would have to be huge and he couldn’t hit the ball anymore and he couldn’t keep playing for more than one set. It’s hard for me to believe he has structural damage to a bone if he’s constantly exposing himself to the incredible efforts of a top athlete. Also, Mueller-Weiss syndrome happens on both sides of the foot.”

They believe that it would take a large amount of dosage for him to play such long matches at such high-level performance. They also said that it could also be possible that Nadal doesn’t have the syndrome he thinks he has. But that would mean questioning the knowledge of the doctors that Nadal has been working with for years. However, there is also a possibility that the German doctors aren’t aware of all the facts regarding his foot and they are making certain assumptions for these conclusions.

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