Serbian politician forced to defend her stance on Novak Djokovic following controversial ‘choking’ comment following Nole’s US Open win

Fans lash out against Vesna Pesic for her controversial choking comment on Novak.

Serbian politician forced to defend her stance on Novak Djokovic following controversial ‘choking’ comment following Nole’s US Open win

Novak Djokovic and Vesna Pesic

Former member of the Serbian Parliament, Vesna Pesic had some strong words to say about the 24-time Grand Slam Champion, Novak Djokovic. In a tweet on social media following Novak’s historic win in the US Open just days ago, Vesna Pesic said that she was tired of watching Djokovic win and she also went ahead to say that she does not care if the World No.1 wins 25 slams.

This tweet by Vesna received a lot of criticism from tennis and especially Novak Djokovic fans who were surprised by these comments because the Serbian Politician is known to be a long-time supporter of Novak. Many Serbians also took these comments as an attack on their patriotism. Vesna stated, ” I don’t care if he chokes us anymore with 25 when we have a new tennis that Alcaraz plays.”


Vesna in her tweets also said that his US Open victory came easy and without any real challenge or difficulty other than his match against fellow Serbian, Laslo Djere. She said, “I’ve had enough of Djokovic. He has won 24 majors, the last of which he had no opponents with the exception of Laszlo Djere. “

After facing harsh criticism for her tweet by fans all over, Vesna in her response attempted to clarify as to why she had tweeted such a message in the first place. She said that her statements on Novak were just her provocation and mentioned that this criticism comes from those who do not even follow the sport. While she admitted to having hurt the Serbians who felt it was an attack on their patriotism she also pointed out how she has been so negatively perceived because she has been a long-time fan of Novak Djokovic.

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Will Novak Djokovic stop at 24 slams?

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic (Credits: NBC Sports)

Novak Djokovic won a historic 24th Grand Slam at the US Open 2023 defeating Russian, Daniil Medvedev in straight sets. He now equals Margaret Court’s record of 24 slams overtaking Serena Williams. The way he has been playing and defeating youngsters dominantly, it does not seem that he will be stopping at 24. His body can clearly keep going for a couple of years at least.

Talking about retirement, the Serb said that he will think about it once the young players start beating him easily and that he is feeling very confident about himself as of now. Andy Murray also believes that he will not stop at 24 and is good to go for another couple of slams.

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