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“How’s your writing coming along?” When Serena Williams gave a cheeky reply to a journalist over anger management after her massive fight at the 2009 US Open

Throwback to the times when the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams hit back at the journalist about an incident that happened during the semi-final clash at US Open in 2009.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams, the former world number one and one of the best female athletes in the world, shook the world with her retirement news which was a shocker for her fans as well as everyone in the tennis fraternity as she had made her comeback to the court at the 2022 Wimbledon Championship after a gap of twelve months. Even though she looked fierce and aggressive in her play, she was truly dominated by her opponents as she has lost all her matches post her return.

She faced a shocking defeat in the first round against Harmony Tan at Wimbledon which was followed by her second-round exit at the Canadian Open to Belinda Bencic and finally faced defeat from the young Brit Emma Raducanu in the first round at the Western & Southern Open. She was looking to enjoy her last few matches of her glorious career which lasted more than two decades with a possible win so that she can look up to such moments. But it seems she will have to fight a different battle at the US Open in 2022 where she will bid adieu to the world and move forward toward a new beginning in life.

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Throwback to the times when Serena Williams shut down a journalist with a witty and funny answer

Serena Williams

The 40-year-old American had played a revolutionary role in popularizing women’s tennis but also has been on the receiving end at times when she loses her cool or during sudden outbursts. She along with being a fabulous player is also one of the wittiest players when it comes to handling media interactions.

At the press conference of the Australian Open in 2010, a journalist asked her about her thoughts on anger management regarding the incident that happened during the semi-final at the US Open in 2009. The American legend hit out at the journalist with a cheeky reply saying “I don’t think it was… was it anger management thing? How’s your writing coming along?“. The journalist replied saying “Just fine. Thank You.” Without any delay, Williams with a smile on her face and with a wink, funnily answered back at the journalist saying “Great. Ditti Kiddo“.

During the 2009 US Open semi-final clash between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters, the American was fined a huge amount of money with a possible suspension for her verbal spat with a lineswoman who called a foot fault against her. She was judged to have an indiscipline code of conduct violating the spirit of sportsmanship. She was even fined for breaking her racquet during the match. She ended up losing the match to the Belgian player.

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