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WATCH: “1028 days left?” A climate change activist dangerously interrupts the Semi-final clash between Casper Ruud and Marin Cilic

After the protestor tied herself to the net, the players walked off the court.

The activist tying herself to the net during Casper Ruud's SF clash

In the third set of the Roland Garros semifinal, Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic (23rd ATP) and Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud (8th ATP) were suspended for several minutes. In reality, after a little more than two hours of play, an audience activist stormed the field and tied herself to the net. ‘We have 1,028 days remaining’-the phrase was imprinted on the t-shirt she was wearing.

Cilic and Ruud were stunned by what they were witnessing, but they had no choice but to leave the field until security arrived.
The security officers were able to break the wire and take the girl from the field after a few minutes. Marin Cilic and Ruud then returned to the court and began warming up in preparation for the remaining match.

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The activist shows extreme dedication during Casper Ruud’s semi-final clash with Marin Cilic

The activist tying herself to the net

After the protestor tied herself to the net, the players walked off the court. The chair umpire had instructed the players to return to the locker room because it appeared that the net had been damaged. Bizarre that the security didn’t do anything quickly even as she came on to the court and tied herself and even then the security strolled on.

That was not a good look, given the security difficulties that tennis has had in the past. According to reports, the woman is a 22-year-old climate activist. “We have 1028 days left,” her T-shirt reads, pushing the world to act on climate change. On her T-shirt, the protestor had a webpage link that already mentioned the protest. It’s as if they knew the security wasn’t up to par!

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