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Watch: “Rules apply on other players as well,” furious Stefanos Tsitsipas recalls Carlos Alcaraz’s coaching incident after getting a violation against Alexander Zverev in Madrid open

The Greek was caught cheating yet again in the Madrid Open 2022 semifinal against Alexander Zverev after he was witnessed obtaining illegal coaching from his box.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

In the Madrid Open semifinals, Stefanos Tsitsipas faced long-time adversary Alexander Zverev. Tsitsipas, a fantastic clay-court player, was anticipated to win the match and set up a final against Carlos Alcaraz. However, his opponent, the defending champion in Madrid, got the better of him and defeated him in a closely contested three-setter match, winning 4-6, 6-3, 2-6.

He isn’t the most popular player on the tour when it comes to the Greek. Tsitsipas is always scrutinized by fans owing to his coaching antics, despite his incredible style of play and exuberance on the court. His father and coach Apostolos Tsitsipas is frequently chastised in public for giving him mid-match coaching. He has never fully confirmed receiving on-court coaching, although he has frequently endorsed it. Tsitsipas was caught cheating yet again in the Madrid Open 2022 semifinal against Alexander Zverev after he was witnessed obtaining illegal coaching from his box in the middle of the third set.

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“My opponent was doing the same thing”- Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Tsitsipas and his coaches were reprimanded for coaching in the third set, something the Greek strongly disagreed with. At the umpire’s chair, there was some debate. Tsitsipas made some provocative remarks during his meeting with the umpire where he specifically mentioned Carlos Alcaraz and called him out. The Umpire told him, “You’re about to serve and he has spoke, that’s after cheering so I need to rule it as coaching.” To which, a furious Stefanos Tsitsipas replied, “I spoke to (inaudible) in Barcelona. He told me it can be discreet because my opponent, he was doing the same thing in Barcelona.” However, his remarks were not fruitful as the umpire said, “coaching isn’t allowed in the rulebook, that’s why we have to give it to you, Stefanos.”

Apparently, The World No.5 was referring to Carlos Alcaraz with whom he had a thrilling match in the quarter-finals of the 2022 Barcelona Open. After the two players split the first two sets, it was all to play for in the third set.

The third set was everything to play for after the two players divided the opening two sets. Alcaraz took a long break, which he subsequently revealed was done solely to disrupt Stef’s momentum since he had just won an exciting second set and was flying high on conviction. When Carlos Alcaraz went to the sides to grab his towel in the opening game of the third set, he was caught getting instructions and coaching from his box, which was extremely close to where the youngster had left the towel.

Considering Tsitsipas is a frequent victim of on-court coaching, these situations are rigorously monitored, yet the teen escaped without penalty, and Stefanos Tsitsipas clearly did not take the incident lightly.

Fans on Twitter react to Stefanos Tsitsipas getting accused again

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Fans on Twitter reacted furiously as the Greek was caught receiving coaching again in a big tournament.

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