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“We all have our own journey and this is mine,” Alexander Zverev shares an inspiring message after undergoing ankle surgery

Alexander Zverev confirms that he has undergone an ankle surgery days before reaching a career-high of No.2.

Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev suffered a major ankle injury during his semifinal clash against Rafael Nadal at the 2022 French Open. During the end of the second set, Zverev twisted his ankle mid-point and collapsed on the ground immediately in pain. He badly injured his ankle and screamed and cried his way out of the stadium in pain in a wheelchair.

The German wasn’t even able to stand on his feet and needed support from the medical staff. He then came onto the court on crutches to congratulate Rafa and was received with a standing ovation and applause from the Parisian crowd. It was later revealed that Zverev did break his bone but his ligaments in the ankle were torn and the injury was pretty serious.

Zverev took to social media to confirm that he has undergone ankle surgery in order to recover faster. While it was speculated that he may not need surgery, the doctors in Germany found it apt for Zverev to get his ankle operated on.

The timing of Zverev’s injury couldn’t have been worse as he is set to achieve a career-high ranking of No.2 but unfortunately won’t be able to compete as the World No.2 for almost 2 months.

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‘I’ll do everything to come back stronger than ever’: Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev

Zverev wrote that everybody has their own journey in life and this injury is a part of his life. He confirmed that he had to undergo surgery because all three of the lateral ligaments in his right ankle were torn.

“We all have our own journey in life. This is part of mine. Next week I’ll reach a career-high ranking of number 2 in the world, but this morning I had to undergo surgery. After further examination in Germany, we received confirmation that all three of the lateral ligaments in my right ankle were torn,” he said.

He then said that his rehab starts today and he will do everything to come back stronger than ever. In the end, he thanked his fans for all the sympathy and kind words.

“To return to competition as quickly as possible, to ensure all the ligaments heal properly, and to reclaim full stability in my ankle, surgery was the best choice. My rehab starts now and I’ll do everything to come back stronger than ever! I am continuing to receive so many messages and would like to thank everyone once again for supporting me during such a difficult time,” he concluded.

He is ruled out for approximately 6-8 weeks and should stage a comeback at the US Open.

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