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“We are extremely concerned”- Roger Federer shares his solicitude over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Roger mentioned in that interview that he and his wife Mirka spoke about it with their kids.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis legend, has often demonstrated that he has a golden heart. Over the years, his foundation, The Roger Federer Foundation, has assisted many children in Africa and Switzerland with early schooling. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has impacted the Swiss player significantly. Federer highlighted current events and whether or not he discussed them with his four children in a recent interview with Caminada Magazine.

Roger has two sets of conjoined twins, two girls (Myla and Charlene) and two males (Leo and Lenny). Roger mentioned in that interview that he and his wife Mirka spoke about it with their kids. Federer also hopes that as his children grow up, they will do good in the world.

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Roger Federer discusses about the ongoing war and his wife’s traumatized past

Roger Federer

“Naturally. But how much is too much? I can still remember watching TV pictures from Kuwait when I was a boy. I can still see the green rockets in the sky clearly in front of me. At that time we were further away from the war here in Switzerland. Mirka and I are extremely concerned about the state of the world. We are passed out,” Federer said when asked if he would discuss sensitive things with his children, such as the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

“It’s difficult to exemplify carefree joy when you’re down yourself. Mirka lost her homeland as a child when she came here from Slovakia with her family. She is extremely hurt by the misery of the refugees. Our foundation wants to help traumatized children. I hope that the four of us, when they grow up, will want to be involved with the foundation or do good in the world,” he further added, speaking about Mirka’s past. 

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