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Nick Kyrgios calls out Novak Djokovic, says, “I don’t want players from overseas that aren’t vaccinated to come to the Australian Open”

Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic

Nick Kyrgios made the news ahead of the Australian Open 2022, as he called out Novak Djokovic in a video on social media. Kyrgios while bringing an end to the rumors about him wanting to get the Australian Open canceled talked about his concerns regarding the tournament.


Being an Australian himself Nick Kyrgios talked about his concerns regarding the coming tournament. After all the speculation about if Djokovic is vaccinated or not, Kyrgios too expressed his concern about the participation of the world No.1 in the Australian Open

“Unvaccinated players shouldn’t be allowed in,” says Nick Kyrgios!

Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has been the butt of a much-heated discussion this winter. A discussion that has nothing to do with tennis, but the world No.1’s skepticism around the vaccine.


There have been multiple reports that have suggested that the world No.1 might not play the Australian Open 2022 after the tournament organizers decided to make player vaccinations compulsory. Djokovic who is believed to be an anti-vaxxer still hasn’t confirmed anything about his participation or absence from the tournament.

However, there have been reports that have suggested that the defending Australian Open champion might be given a medical exemption. Which would mean that Serb will play the tournament unvaccinated.

This is what concerns Nick Kyrgios, being a local boy Kyrgios has seen the city of Melbourne go through a lot in the past two years. The city has been in lockdown for more than a year and people have had no freedom at all.

Kyrgios in his video began by bringing down the rumors going around about him wanting to get the Australian Open 2022 canceled. He said, “I’m making this video just to clear things out. As you know I have started a new podcast with two of my childhood friends, you know some things have been taken out of context. To say that I want the Australian Open canceled I think that was the sentence that got taken out of context. I don’t want it to get canceled, I just want it to be conducted the right way.”

“It’s more so about the people of Melbourne who have gone through hell and back. I think it has been 275 days nearly 300 days of Lockdown and your freedom has been taken away from you. I don’t think it’s morally right to accept the players from overseas that aren’t vaccinated to come into our country and walk around Melbourne with free will to play the Australian Open. I don’t think that’s right, but for players who are vaccinated, it’s an amazing opportunity to get to the city of Melbourne and get the people of Australia back together with such an amazing sporting event” Kyrgios added.

According to Nick Kyrgios, the tournament shouldn’t give out medical exemptions to players who aren’t vaccinated as it puts not only the players but all the people in Melbourne at a risk.

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