“I am too old for that,” Rafael Nadal on whether he will feature in his trademark attire at French Open next year

Rafael Nadal answers a few interesting questions from his fans, as he aims to win his 14th French Open title.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, third seed at French Open 2021 will face the Frenchman, Richard Gasquet in the second round clash on Thursday night. The Spaniard turns 35 today, and is gearing up to win his 14th French Open title this year.

Rafael Nadal claimed his first Grandslam title way back in 2005, when he won the French Open 2021 as a teenager. Over the course of the next 15 years, he has earned the nickname of being the King of Clay, for his incredible achievements on clay courts.

In the latest episode of Fans 2 Players uploaded on Roland Garros YouTube channel, the Spaniard was asked a few questions by his fans. Rafael Nadal was first asked about the ball boys at French Open. The 35-year old stated that the ball boys are perfect and elegant, and are very well prepared.

Rafael Nadal on his trademark attire at French Open

Rafael Nadal was then asked by one of his fans as to whether he would feature in his trademark White Bermuda shorts and Green top at French Open, next year. The Spaniard won his first title in Paris, spotting this attire. However, the 35-year old answered that he will not wear the attire again, as he feels he is too old for that.

I am too old for that,” Nadal on wearing his 2005 attire at French Open next year. “When I see myself on TV, I feel very strange, but it’s true at the time, it was comfortable, but today, I don’t see a possibility of playing in that outfit,” he added.

Rafael Nadal started his French Open 2021 campaign in style, as he defeated Alexei Popyrin in straight sets on Tuesday. The Spaniard has now gone without dropping a set in his last eight French Open matches.

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