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“I want to win everyday, every tournament I play,” Rafael Nadal talks about his champion mindset

On the sidelines of his tenth Italian Open win, Rafael Nadal talks about his winning mentality and Grand slams.

Rafael Nadal

As Djokovic’s backhand landed wide, one could see the genuine happiness and relief on Rafael Nadal. The man was clearly on a mission, and it was mission accomplished. Ten Italian Open titles, done and done.

Rafael Nadal could finally breathe in a little easily. The battle is done, but the war remains. Rafael Nadal the thirteen time Roland Garros champion will be out again to add to his tally and defend his crown come this month at the French Open.

Rafael Nadal talks about wanting to win every match 

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal won the Italian Open, defeating Djokovic in the Final at Rome, the scoreline 7-5 1-6 6-3. Speaking on his victory, the usually pragmatic Nadal allowed himself a moment to speak his heart out. He was not the usually guarded self.

Nadal said that he plays to win, but if on some days that doesn’t happen, he doesn’t win, then that is ok too. He says that nothing can actually affect his passion or motivation. The King of Clay further added that he knows how to handle pressure, he talked about being on the tour for eighteen years, and learning about all these things. 

Rafael Nadal says, “I want to win every day, every tournament I play, even if this cannot happen. I am passionate and motivated as ever. The pressure is there, but I have been on the Tour for 18 years so I know how to handle it.

Rafael Nadal has his say on Grand slams

Rafael Nadal believes that it will be genuinely frustrating to only think about Grand slam wins. The 20 time Grand slam winner thinks that with only four Grand slams every year, it’s important to focus on other tournaments too. To get his point across, he reiterates that going into a French Open it’s always a better feeling when you have for example a Rome title already under your belt. 

Rafael Nadal says, “I cannot think just about the four Grand Slams. That would be frustrating. There are more things. It’s clear that to head into Roland Garros with the Rome trophy is better.”

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