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When Roger Federer’s comment enticed the most heated sports rivalry between India & Pakistan

When Roger Federer's post caused outrage among his Pakistani fans.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is arguably one of the biggest names in tennis history. He has won 20 grand slams in his career. But let’s recall the time when Federer enticed one of the most heated rivalries in sports.

Federer wouldn’t have had any idea what impact such a small action of his could have. The Swiss posted a picture of him holding an Indian cricket team jersey, which was outrageous for Roger Federer’s Pakistani supporters.

Roger Federer holds Indian Cricket Teams jersey

Virat Kohli, Roger Federer, and Anushka Sharma

Roger Federer posted a picture of him holding the Indian Cricket Teams‘ jersey to show his support for the team at the 2015 World Cup. The former world No.1 also wrote ‘Bleed Blue’ in the caption.

India was supposed to start their world cup campaign against Pakistan. The defending champion easily defeated Pakistan, with Virat Kohli showing his excellence at the greatest stage.

After the defeat, Federer posted a picture of him holding the jersey. The former world No.1 is an international icon for people anywhere and everywhere, that is why he received way loads of criticism from his Pakistani fans for posting the picture.

Some of the Pakistani fans weren’t affected by the post and continued their support for the Swiss Mastro. But some people were so angry at the Swiss that they decided to never support him again.

Some Pakistani fans even went to the extent of calling the former world No.1 a sellout. According to them, Federer made the post in exchange for money. This could be the case, but we don’t have any evidence proving that. But we do know the love that the Swiss have for India. This suggests that the post was just a fan supporting a team that he likes.

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