Roger Federer, Lebron James and Rihanna all feature in a new star-studded Rimowa commercial

In the latest Rimowa luggage bag ad, superstars Roger Federer, Lebron James, Rihanna and Petti Smith come together in the 90-seconds commercial.

Roger Federer, Lebron James, Rihanna
Roger Federer, Lebron James, Rihanna

Rimowa, one of the leading brands for high-quality suitcases, bags and other luggage carriers have released a brand new commercial that has an ensemble of celebrities. Sporting legends such as Roger Federer and Lebron James join singers Rihanna and Patti Smith in the latest commercial of Rimowa.

The video narrated by Patti Smith has montages of different monuments and travelling shots across the globe showing what a journey actually is. Rihanna, Federer and James are shown preparing and packing their bags to travel when the video comes to its end with the message, ‘No one builds a legacy standing still’.

All the 4 stars have created their own legacies in their respective fields and Rimowa has used the concept beautifully in the 90 seconds commercial. Patti who will turn 75 in December this year has long been one of the most influential personas in the US not only for her songs but also for the poems and books she has written.

Federer is every day in the debate for the tag of ‘Greatest of All Time’ in tennis as the 40-year old Swiss Maestro is still active on the tour having won 20 Grand Slam titles and until quite recently was the leader in the most number of weeks spent as the World No. 1 in the ATP Men’s Singles Rankings.

Rihanna is already one of the biggest global stars having written, sang and performed some of the greatest hits and regularly featuring on the US Billboard and has so far won 9 Grammy awards. Lebron is one of the leading basketball players in the NBA and has won 4 Championship titles with 3 different teams and is often regarded as a modern-day great.

Roger Federer signed deal with Rimowa in 2018

Roger Federer
Roger Federer in a Rimowa ad

Federer won his last Grand Slam title at the 2018 Australian Open becoming the first man to win 20 Grand Slam titles, a feat that has been since matched by Rafael Nadal in 2020 and Novak Djokovic in 2021. While Nadal is yet to reach a Grand Slam final since winning his 20th title, Federer and Djokovic had their shots but were unable to capture their 21st Slam title.

Roger signed with the German company Rimowa in 2018 on an initial 2-year deal which has been renewed once since then. Federer has finished the season due to his troubling knee injury and will be looking to make a strong comeback in the 2022 season as soon as he is fit to return to action.

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