Tennis | Rohan Bopanna is ready to get back to the court


On Sunday, as per the new guidelines issued by the governing bodies, all the stadiums have been opened and Tennis player Rohan Bopanna is also very excited to get back to the tennis court, not only for himself but for his kids who are in his academy.

Rohan shared about his planning that, “The inter-district travel has already resumed. I will be in Bengaluru on Thursday. We plan to start tennis from Monday.”

He also said about the safety measures which they will take during the training, “The coaches will be wearing masks and gloves. Only the coaches will feed the balls and there will be a maximum of four players per court. After two hours of tennis followed by cool-down exercises, one batch will leave and the next batch will come. The parents will drop their kids and wait in the car.”

He also said about practicing without mask that, “It would be harmful for kids to wear masks and play, as they need uninterrupted fresh air.”

Bopanna also shared “I have to first get back to the Asics store and get fresh set of clothes. I have put on weight.”

He also said about the rule of his academy which is “Asics tennis hour”. During this period of time, parents will also get a chance to play with their kids and to have fun.

Bopanna also shared the reason behind this rule is, “Parents are generally trying to tell the kids what to do. So, it is good to give them a taste of the game. It is a good exercise.”


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