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“Dangerous driving, but Lewis prevails”: Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian praises Lewis Hamilton for finishing on pole position

Here's what Alexis Ohanian had to say about Lewis Hamilton's performance at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton

Serena Williams is an absolute champion in the world of tennis. The superstar has empowered and inspired innumerable people across the globe. Regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, Serena has been away from the court for quite a while now.

The American tennis star has been plagued by recurring injuries. While the world has admired Serena’s gameplay for decades, there are a few players who have made Serena one of their admirers. One such player is Lewis Hamilton. The Brit has been spotted with Serena on several occasions and the champion tennis player has spoken highly about him.

“Way to go Lewis”: Alexis Ohanian praises Lewis Hamilton for delivering incredible performance at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton and Alexis Ohanian

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is turning out to be quite an event. Known as one of the most dangerous tracks, there were several challenges Lewis had to overcome and he did exactly that. The man who challenged Lewis the most was Max Verstappen, however, the Brit ended the day on a high.

Along with Serena Williams, it seems like her husband Alexis Ohanian is also a Hamilton fan as he was giving regular updates about the race on Twitter. After the race, Ohanian again took to Twitter and congratulated Lewis for his outstanding performance.

On to Abu Dhabi. Some DANGEROUS driving today, but Lewis Hamilton overcame,” Ohanian wrote. While Max was at advantage in the race, Hamilton delivered a brilliant performance and now both the drivers have got an equal number of points.

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