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“Serena was cocky, but…” Video of Venus and Serena’s coach Rick Macci sharing hilarious childhood stories of the iconic duo is breaking the internet

Serena and Venus Williams' childhood coach Rick Macci told a few hilarious stories about the champion sisters.

Serena and Venus Williams

Serena Williams is an absolute superstar in the world of tennis. After winning 23 Grand Slam titles, she is hungry to achieve more. There aren’t many records the superstar American has not broken. However, she has been chasing her 24th Grand Slam title for a while now.

Serena last won a Grand Slam back in 2017 when she went past her sister Venus in the finals of the Australian Open. However, after that win, the champion player hasn’t been able to deliver her best on the court. Irrespective of all this, Serena has constantly made the headlines as ‘King Richard’, the movie which tells her and Venus’ life story, has been the talk of the town.

“Billie Jean King told Venus where to stand while receiving a serve”: Rick Macci

Serena and Venus Williams

Since the movie came out, a lot of people have been talking about various stories from the Williams sisters’ childhood. Talking about the same, Serena and Venus’ former coach Rick Macci had a few things to say. He claimed that Serena always wanted to be number one and was an absolute prankster during her childhood.

“Once she looked at me in the eye and was like I will be number one. So I go like how are you going to move your feet? She was a prankster, she was immature,” he stated. He also claimed that Serena was a big foodie during childhood and shared an interesting incident.

“She told me, Rick, I’m really really hungry can you tell Scott to go to the machine and get me hot curly fries and a snicker’s bar and a Pepsi and a green day T-shirt. For the next 15 minutes, she was having her snack. For the next hour, this little girl was popping the popcorn,” he said.

“Extra butter just non-stop for one hour sweats coming off her like the Niagara Falls and she was like Rick, you better have that T-shirt in the morning,” he added. However, Rick also went on to add that it is all a part of the journey and stated that whenever he tells this story to Serena, she laughs uncontrollably.

The former coach also talked about the time when Venus was 12 and Serena was 11 and they were invited to play a doubles exhibition game against Billie Jean King and Rosemary Casals. “It was so funny. Billie was ready to serve and Venus was standing close to the service line than the baseline and Billie tried to tell them where they were supposed to stand,” he claimed.

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