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“We want it to be authentic” Venus Williams spills out why she approved Will Smith’s Character only after watching the Movie, King Richard

Venus Williams shares some of moments of the time King Richard'was released.

Stars at King Richard Premiere

Serena and Venus Williams have been the legendary sister duo who has ruled the tennis world for a long time. Both the stars have a sum of 30 Grand Slam titles to their name, Serena solely had earned 23 Slams which is more than any male or female tennis player to date. Venus also has seven titles to her name. This unbeatable duo is regarded as the greatest tennis duo of all time.

Recently Venus opened up about the time when ‘King Richard’ movie was released. The movie was based on the life of Richard Williams, who is the father of Serena and Venus, and how he turned his two daughters into the two greatest players of all time.

She said in an interview at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony that she and Serena did not approve of Will Smith’s character in the film until they saw it. Will Smith portrayed Serena and Venus’ father in King Richard. “It’s the most special thing. And my dad is a special guy, he changed a sport, you know, single-handedly, and it feels very special,” Venus said.

“We want it to be authentic. You know, we you hear a lot you know about Hollywood and how they twist and turn things. And yeah, our dad was a complicated person and but he loved us and at the core… that’s what we wanted to get out there. And additionally, that family, if you stick together, it really does work at the foundation. We’re sisters. We still do things together. We still have fun together. And it was really important that, that not get lost for us,” Isha Price, Venus’ sister said.

Venus Williams at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony

Venus Williams

The Williams sister holds a special place in the fashion industry along with tennis. They run their separate clothing brands. In the ceremony, Venus walked the red carpet wearing a white dress with a high slit. She also elaborated her dress beautifully when asked by the interviewer.

“I am working with Dolce Gabbana in Gismondi jewels. You know, Law dressed me so he’s amazing. Yes, yes. Yeah, I love him,” Venus applauded her stylist Dolce Gabbana who is of Gismondi jewels.

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