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What are Roger Federer’s Weaknesses?

Roger Federer is a world-class athlete with 20 Grand Slam titles. However, what are the weaknesses of the Swiss Maestro that make him vulnerable on the court,

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is probably one of the best players in the world. His dedication and devotion to tennis are unprecedented and that makes him a global ambassador of the sport. However, just like other tennis players, he too is beatable on the court. Let’s know about some of the areas that have troubled him in the past.

Roger Federer’s backhand

Roger Federer

It is Roger Federer’s single-hand backhand that often creates the problem for him. His forehand is up to the mark and is currently one of the best in terms of power and accuracy, but his backhand lets him down during his matches.

Federer hasn’t won more than 40% of his shots on his backhand in the last decade. On the other hand, his arch-rival Novak Djokovic has enjoyed a 55% winning percentage when he has used his backhand during the same time period.

Poor conversion of Breaking-Points and Set-Points

Roger Federer

Another flaw in Federer’s gameplay is his poor conversion of break-points. Even though he claims the break-points or set-points easily sometimes, on many other occasions, he chokes- giving momentum to his opponents to bounce back.

Fans have often witnessed Federer losing a match even after winning 4-5 match-points. It all happens because he can’t play his best tennis under pressure- costing him many matches including some Grand Slam titles.

Overuse of Ad-court tactics

Roger Federer

Even though the ad-court tactics and the mind games have always worked for the Swiss Maestro, he has started to overuse them recently. He becomes too predictable with them and his opponents become aware of it. As a result, he loses points and momentum during the match.

These are three big setbacks that have been observed in Roger Federer’s matches. However, he is working day in and out to improve them and come out as a better player on the court.

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