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What does Matteo Berrettini Eat and Drink During Matches?

Know everything about the diet of Matteo Berrettini during his matches. Also find out, what gives him the strength to play and win consistently.

Matteo Berrettini

World No.9 Matteo Berrettini has earned quite a big name in the sport. The Italian has been playing really well for the last couple of years and has surely impressed fans with his wonderful serves and powerful forehands. However, what is special about his diet that keeps him so fit throughout the year?

In many earlier interviews, Matteo Berrettini has admitted that he likes to take a clean diet during his matches. He usually has a heavy diet during the day where he consumes food that is rich in protein and carbohydrates to supply him with adequate energy.

Even though he can eat a lot, he prefers to eat white rice and chicken in limited amounts during his matches on the ATP Tour. Recently, he recently took advice from an Argentine nutritionist who has been preparing the diet chart for the Italian player.

It is not at all strange that just like all other athletes, Berrettini too follows a strict diet which is a mix of carbs, proteins, and fats during his matches. It is because of this reason that he has been able to play five-setters without getting tired.

Which food does Matteo Berrettini like the most?

Matteo Berrettini

It is quite intriguing but Berrettini just loves to eat hamburgers. Even though he is not a fan of junk food, he just can’t stop craving burgers whenever he sees them. Another dish which he likes to enjoy the most is Pasta, put together with pizza. People have watched him eat the two together whenever he wins a big tournament.

Apart from Italian food, Berrettini also likes to eat Spanish cuisines. He feels it is quite similar to Italian food and thus, has developed an immense interest in eating that whenever he gets some free time.

Therefore, Matteo Berrettini has quite a unique taste. It will not be wrong to say that he loves food just the same way he loves to play tennis.

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