What is a Grand Slam? How Many Grand Slams are Held in a Year?

Winning a single Grand Slam often transforms a player into a celebrity. Know about what are the Grand Slams and how many of them are organized by the ITF in a single year.

Wimbledon 202
Wimbledon courts

Grand Slams, popularly knows as Majors, are the most important tennis tournaments. As of now, more than 500 players of different nations participate in a single Grand Slam. The Grand Slam titles are provided in the singles, doubles, and mixed doubles category to men, women, and even at the junior level.

Unlike other tennis tournaments, the ATP and the WTA don’t regulate the Grand Slams. They have independent bodies that are supervised by the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Also, the winner in the men’s singles category is decided by the best of five-set formula instead of the conventional best of three sets.

Grand Slams fetch a player 2,000 points in the rankings if a player manages to win the title. Even the runner-up of the tournament gets 1,200 which is 200 points more than what the winner of an ATP or WTA Masters 1000 winner receives. As of now, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (20 each) have won the most Grand Slams in the men’s singles while Margaret Court (24) leads the battle in the women’s singles category.

In addition, they offer the highest prize money to the players. Recently, the US Open winner got $3 million which is way greater than what he would have received had it been a Masters or ATP 500 tournament.

How Many Grand Slams are Organized in a Year?

Wimbledon Championships

Currently, the ITF organizes four Grand Slams in a year. These are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships, and the US Open.

The Australian Open began in 1905 and and is the first Major of the year which takes place on the hard court. Founded in 1891, the French Open is the only Grand Slam that takes place on clay and begin in late May.

The Wimbledon Championships are the oldest Grand Slam that began in 1877. It is the only Slam that takes place on grass and starts during early July. Following this, the US Open takes place in early September and is the last Grand Slam of the year. It began in 1881 and is the second Slam which is played on the hard court.

So far, only Rod Laver has managed to win all the four Grand Slams in a single year. Will any other player be able to achieve Laver’s feat?

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