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“Don’t F****** tell me the rules” When Roger Federer lost his cool against an unfair umpire at US Open 2009 finals

When Roger Federer lost his cool while dealing with an unfair umpire at the US Open in 2009.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer known to be the Mr. Cool in tennis lost his cool in the finals of the US Open 2009 while playing against Juan Martin del Potro.

Federer after winning his fifth game of the third set was on his way when he saw the umpire letting Del Porto take a challenge nearly 10 seconds after the ball was called out. This made Federer angry because in tennis rules each player needs to challenge in a given amount of time.

Roger Federer calls out the umpire for being unfair

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is believed to be the coolest guy in tennis. He is believed to adhere to the calls made by the umpires, but this time around Federer had to intervene.

After the first two sets of the US Open finals, the game was all tied up. In the third set, Federer had the advantage to go up to 5 games to 4 against Del Porto. When Del Porto’s backhand was called ‘OUT’ by the line’s judge and Federer won the game.

While returning to their chairs Del Porto was talking to the umpire about his opinion on the ball being called out. Del Porto took nearly 10 seconds before he made the call of challenging the decision on the basis of the insights given to him by the umpire himself.

Federer was clearly pissed with the way the umpire dealt with the situation, he recalled his experience in a previous match where he wasn’t allowed to make a challenge just 2 seconds after the fault. He questioned the umpire if there were any rules or not.

“No, no, no, too late. Stop. You can challenge for like 2 seconds, that guy takes like 10. Do you have any rules in there? Don’t tell me to be quiet okay, when I want to talk I talk. I don’t give a s*** what he (del Potro) said.” said Federer

Although the ball was ‘OUT’ and Del Porto ended up losing his challenge and the third set, however Federer after that particular incident it seemed that Federer lost his rhythm and started giving away easy points. Federer lost both the fourth and the fifth set and Juan Martin del Potro won his first and only grand slam.

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