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“I’ll be back for further harassment”: When Serena Williams was all over Grigor Dimitrov’s Insta Live

The time when Serena Williams asked some hilarious questions from Grigor Dimitrov on Instagram Live.

Serena Williams and Grigor Dimitrov

Serena Williams is a name to reckon with in the world of tennis. After winning 23 Grand Slam titles, her hunger to achieve more hasn’t reduced at all. There aren’t many records the superstar American has not broken. However, she has been chasing her 24th Grand Slam title for a while now.

Serena, who is now married to Alexis Ohanian, dated a few big names before tying the knot. There were rumours that Serena dated Grigor Dimitrov as well. Although, the two stars never confirmed that they were dating at any point. What can be said without a doubt is that Serena and Grigor are pretty close buddies.

“I heard you use the same underwear and don’t wash them?”: When Serena bombarded Grigor Dimitrov’s Insta Live

Serena Williams and Grigor Dimitrov

Today we are going to talk about the time when Serena spammed Dimitrov’s Live Stream. When the Bulgarian tennis star was answering some questions from fans about his life and quarantine experience in Australia, Serena started bombarding him with questions.

Have you ever jumped off a mountain?” Serena had asked. Dimitrov was quick to spot the question and as soon as he saw it, there was a broad smile on his face. Grigor started telling his fans about the time he went to an Amusement park with Serena and revealed that the American tennis star is a little afraid of rollercoasters.

What was the last thing you ate? Rapunzel or Cinderella? I heard you use the same underwear and don’t wash them? I’ve waited all day to harass you,Serena wrote further. The whole interaction turned out to be a memorable one and the world saw the great camaraderie the alleged former lovers share.

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