Who Are the Team Members of Roger Federer?

Roger Federer is one of the greatest players of all time but he wouldn't have reached out anywhere without the support of his team. Let's find out everything about his team members.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer, is undoubtedly one of the greatest superstars in the sport. Even though he is 39, he is giving some really tough competition to the players who are almost half of his age on the ATP Tour. All this became possible due to the consistent efforts made by his team.

Roger Federer’s team consists of his two coaches, a fitness trainer, his agent, and his wife, Mirka Federer. All of them play a significant part in helping the Swiss Maestro in one way or the other.

Roger Federer’s Coaches

Roger Federer and Ivan Ljubicic
Roger Federer and Ivan Ljubicic

Federer’s coaching staff consists of veteran coach Severin Luthi and former World No.3 Ivan Ljubicic. Even though Luthi didn’t win many laurels in his professional career, he has surely managed to improve Federer’s gameplay on hard courts. Apart from this, he also gave his best to make sure that Federer becomes 100% fit before the Wimbledon Championships 2021.

Ljubicic has been coaching Federer for more than five years now. It was because of him that Federer made an incredible comeback in 2017 when he won the Australian Open title despite not playing tennis for more than a year before that.

Roger Federer’s Fitness Trainer

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Roger Federer

Federer’s agility and fitness- even at the age of 39 are all possible because of the efforts of his fitness worker, Pierre Paganini. He also played a huge part in assisting Federer to make a comeback after he underwent two knee surgeries in 2020.

Federer’s Agent and Wife

Roger Federer wife Mirka - FirstSportz
Who Are the Team Members of Roger Federer? 2

Federer’s agent Tony Godsick has been there with him for more than fifteen years now. He is primarily responsible for transforming Federer into a global icon by bringing some intriguing sponsorship deals to him.

Apart from all these, Roger’s wife Mirka has also played a huge role in his life. Over the years, Federer has stated that he would have ended his career a long time back if Mirka hadn’t backed her back then.

All these people are the reason for Federer’s incredible success today. It is because of them that the Swiss Maestro is playing at his best even now.

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