Wimbledon 2021 Prize Money: Know all about the prize money for Singles and Doubles

The AELTC issued details about the prize money for the 2021 Championships at WImbledon. There will be a total reduction of 5.2% in the prize money compared to 2019.

Wimbledon 2021
Wimbledon courts

The third grand slam of the year, Wimbledon, is around the corner and the hype around it is as high as always. Wimbledon is considered to be the most prestigious tournament in tennis due to its history and traditions. It is the oldest grand slam and till date, is almost unchanged with regards to its traditions.

The AELTC ON Wednesday released the total prize money distribution for the 2021 event. Wimbledon prize money will drop by 5.2 percent compared to 2019. The total prize money fund for The Championships 2021 will be £35,016,000, with the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Singles Champions each receiving £1,700,000.

“When setting prize money levels for this year, the AELTC considered a number of factors, including constraints on crowd capacity; the substantial investment required to provide quality accommodation with a full range of services in order to create a Minimised Risk Environment as well as a comprehensive testing programme for players and their support teams; and significant financial support for the wider grass court season, both in the UK and Europe,” the statement read.

Prize Money: Gentleman and Ladies Singles

2021Prize Money £ GBP2019 Prize Money £ GBP% Change vs 2019
Round 4£181,000£176,0002.84%
Round 3£115,000£111,0003.60%
Round 2£75,000£72,0004.17%
Round 1£48,000£45,0006.67%

 Only four players in each singles draw will receive prize money at a lower level than was awarded in 2019.

Less reduction in Doubles Prize Money for semifinalists

Wimbledon Doubles
Wimbledon Doubles

The prize money offered to the Doubles player is always a matter of debate. Many doubles players were upset with the huge reduction of prize money at the French Open. Wimbledon also have reduced the doubles prize money but the %change for the semifinalists is less as compared to the singles. But there is no increase in prize money for the initial rounds in contrast to Singles.

Prize Money: Gentleman and Ladies Doubles

2021Prize Money £ GBP2019 Prize Money £ GBP% Change vs 2019
Round 3£30,000£32,000-6.25%
Round 2£19,000£19,0000.00%
Round 1£12,000£12,0000.00%

Prize Money: Mixed Doubles

2021Prize Money £ GBP2019 Prize Money £ GBP% Change vs 2019
Round 3£6,000£7,000-14.29%
Round 2£3,000£3,500-14.29%
Round 1£1,500£1,750-14.29%

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