Thank You Epic Games Trends In Counter For RIP Fortnite

"Thank You Epic Games" trends on twitter in counter for "RIP Fortnite" the whole drama started with a tweet by Fortnite star. Read whole article to know more on this.

“RIP Fortnite” has started a new drama on Twitter, as “Thank you Epic Games” begins to trend in response to the hate. In recent years, Fortnite has meant a lot to various players across several different platforms. Since its debut in 2017, some players have been very loyal to the game.

“RIP Fortnite” Always There

The trending tag for RIP Fortnite has been around before. Several times have players and other people alike hated on the game due to it’s changing cycle.People complain about the game either because they took away a weapon and certain skins, or because of their map changes.

Most recently, the tag is also trending since Epic Games’ crackdown on pro players participating in Wager Matches.

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From Where “Thank You Epic Games” Started?

The trending tag “Thank you Epic Games” came straight from HYPEX themselves, as they mentioned Epic Games in a heartfelt tweet to go against the RIP Fortnite trend.

Those supporting Fortnite are all trending out “Thank you Epic Games” alongside with their favorite moments of game, favorite skins, and because of the new material they get every often. These people are also lashing back at haters on how players should adapt to new mechanics and features, instead of calling the game dead.

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