‘That nightmare still haunts me,’ says KL Rahul while talking about World Cup semifinals 2019.


Indian Cricketer KL Rahul has revealed in a chat show, that losing the 2019 Cricket World Cup Semi-Final still haunts him, as even after performing very well throughout the tournament, they did not get a place in finals.

In a chat show named “The Mind Behind”, Rahul said that if he would get a chance to change the result of any match then he would definitely change the result of World Cup semifinals 2019.

He said, “It has to be the World Cup semifinal. I think most of us are still not over that loss, it is still haunts us sometimes.”

“I can’t imagine what the senior players must have felt but you know in a World Cup it just becomes even harder knowing that we played so well in the entire tournament. I still wake up to that nightmare sometimes,” he further said.

As a group, India performed very well in 2019 World Cup and won all the matches except the match which they have with the host country, England.

However, India is under a complete lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and everyone is staying at home, and according to Rahul, he is enjoying this break.

He ended up by saying, “Let me talk about myself. I’ve just been sitting and doing some homework. I’ve been watching some videos from the past and taking notes of the things I was doing right and where I could improve.”


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