“That rule was never kind of relayed to us,” Ryan Blaney on winning the One Million Dollar race at Texas surviving black-flag incident at over time

Ryan Blaney is glad NASCAR didn't black-flag him for taking off the window net before the completion of the All-Star Race at Texas

Ryan Blaney

Ryan Blaney who drives the No.12 Ford Mustang for Team Penske competing as a full-time NASCAR Cup Series driver emerged victorious at the NASCAR All-Star Race after a very intense last-minute OT was called which called for multiple controversies among other drivers and fans.

He fell prey to all these speculations only because he pulled down his window net a little too early to celebrate his victory just 100 meters short of the finish line and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. scraped his car on the wall, leading to a caution forcing the race into an OT, as according to the new rules, a race can never be finished under a yellow flag.

Blaney struggled to pull his net back up and managed to stay in the lead and was concerned if he’d be called off the track to fix it, but luckily that wasn’t the case as the race went to OT and it resulted in him crossing the finish line just before Denny Hamlin, the runner-up got to him.

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“I already took my window net down and everything,” said Ryan Blaney as he struggled to pull it up for the All-Star OT

Ryan Blaney celebrates his All-Star victory at Texas

Ryan Blaney managed to partially pull his net up and continue for the two OT laps and all he had to say after the race was that he never knew about the rule and added that his left hand was sore from trying to fix it but he somehow managed to get it halfway back up.

“That rule was never kind of relayed to us, I already took my window net down and everything. My left arm is worn out from trying to get that damn thing back up. I got it rigged up enough to where it halfway stayed,” said Ryan Blaney.

He further added saying that he is thankful to NASCAR for not making him go back to his pit to fix it or which otherwise should’ve been a black flag because he took off his safety net before the race was ended.

“I appreciate NASCAR for not making us come down pit road to fix it and letting me get it clipped back again to where we could stay out there,” concluded Ryan Blaney.

With Ryan Blaney merely escaping the treacherous black flag, he succeeded to take home his 1Million USD prize money.

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