“The best team in West”: Giannis Antetokounmpo impressed with Utah Jazz team game

Giannis and co face defeat as jazz get their 4th straight W

Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Utah Jazz and the Milwaukee Bucks went head to head in a thriller today. It was expected to be a neck to neck battle but turned to be a one-sided game. The Utah Jazz have been flawless this season. Registering their 21st win they are now on a roll. They are 21-5 in the Western Conference leading the way just next to Los Angeles Lakers. Currently with a 6 game winning streak, they have out-scored almost every time in the league this season. The Milwaukee Bucks are 2nd in the East with a 16-10 record this season. After a 129-115 loss for Giannis Antetokounmpo and co., he came out with some impressive opinion.

The Utah Jazz have perfected their team game. Their ball rotation and reaching out the extra man has been outstanding. It was evident when there was a small team game help scoring triple by Joe Ingles. With an absolute effortless back drop pass, he found his way all over the other side where Donovan Mitchell found him open and provided a perfect rocket pass for the three pointer. As Rudy Gobert posterized Giannis Antetokounmpo, the whole court hyped up. The former Defensive player dunking over previous year’s MVP is a rare sight. Thanks to the team effort and extensive defence that is getting all big wins for the franchise. Giannis seemed upset at the loss. However, he was impressed the way Utah outplayed them. In the post-match interview Giannis Antetokounmpo said, ““the best team in the West. It just looks fun. When I watch them play, it looks easy, it looks simple. For, sure, they look like us last year.

Giannis and Bucks in trouble after Utah Jazz defeat?

Giannis explained what was wrong for Bucks and added, “play the best basketball at the end. That’s my mind-set. I want to improve from each game.”

Definitely the Milwaukee Bucks never expected a game like this. A heart breaking 129-115 defeat hasn’t landed them any lower but definitely pushed back their winning mentality. It was expected to be the battle of the best. The assumption that Giannis would go all in and try to get a big win against the best in West failed.

Milwaukee Buck are a sure shot title contender. But they need to make sure that they have a positive attitude. Brooklyn Nets are finding some late momentum and the East is now all crowded. Even the Philadelphia 76ers are on a dream run. If the Bucks are getting any closer to the finals, it has to be their main man Giannis leading from the front.


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