BFI to take a call on Asian Boxing Championship once Lockdown is lifted


As of the current situation, when the whole country is going through a complete lockdown, The BFI (Boxing Federation Of India) has decided that they will be taking a call on the Asian Boxing Championship once everything comes back to normal.

BFI told ANI, “Asian Boxing Championship is bid with us for November-December but due to this coronavirus at this stage, things is under discussion. We will take a call after getting out of this situation.”

The Asian Amateur Boxing Championships is the highest competition for Amateur boxing in Asia. Reportedly, The first of the 30 tournaments took place in the year 1963, which was then hosted by Bangkok, Thailand. 

Lav Aggarwal, the joint secretary in health and family welfare said that the total cases of coronavirus has reached 9,152 which includes 796 fresh cases reported in just 24 hours. 308 deaths have taken place in the country and 857 people have recovered from the disease. He also added that in one day 141 people have recovered.


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