The complexes may be opened but obviously, entry should be restricted: Vinesh Phogat on resumption training


On Sunday, as per the new guidelines issued by the Central government which has allowed to open the stadiums and sports complexes for athletes. Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat thinks that training should start soon either athlete will be frustrated by staying at home.

On Monday, Vinesh said that we should be careful, “At the moment it really is not possible to know till what time this pandemic is going to go on and we can’t stop our lives for it. Yes, we have to be careful but something has to be done, till when can athletes just sit in one place. The situation is now getting a little desperate because there is no training. We can think about competitions later but there is even no training and that is very frustrating.”

As all the training has been suspended since March, she is practicing by staying at home but it is not easy to practice without proper equipments, “But without a mat it is not the same. At the same time, I can’t really do anything else. I can go to the place where I usually go to train, no one comes there but that is a risk, so I am avoiding that. Plus, there are no competitions and so I am not pushing myself too much either. I am just using the time to keep myself fit.”

Kiren Rijiju, the Sports Minister of India said that the training will start in phases and it will resume for those who have qualified and near to the qualification of Tokyo Olympics. Vinesh is one of them.

Vinesh was at her home for the preparation of Tokyo Olympics and it has been postponed for next year due to the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

Arjuna Awardee, Phogat said, “No one knows how long this is going to take so we can’t continue to sit at home and train. What if it all comes to an end by the end of the year and it becomes absolutely sure that the Olympics will take place in July next year. You can’t prepare for an Olympics in such a short time period, so I hope some sort of a training plan comes up. For now, my coach keeps sending me training plans for the entire week and I follow it.”

On the resumption of training Vinesh said, “The complexes may be opened but obviously, entry should be restricted.”

She also ensured that spectators are not allowed in the stadium, “It’s not like the virus has disappeared so now anybody and everybody can enter the stadium. Yes, spectators can’t come but even among athletes, only those who truly need to train for big competitions should be given priority. Plus, those that come with us, the coaches and others, all of them need to be taken into consideration. A lot of planning needs to be done.”

Right now, Vinesh is trying to be fit along with her sisters by staying at home.

She also shared that what happens when athletes do not practice, “The thing about athletes who are at this level is that, if we are kept away from training for a prolonged period then that mindset and mentality that is needed to perform goes away.”

She also told about how she is removing her frustration, “I am not used to staying at one place like this at all. That’s why I am continuing to train as much as possible or else I’ll be punching the wall in frustration. That is one of the main reasons why I am training at home, to keep myself calm and focussed.”

India has reached 1,00,000+ cases and reported 5,000 cases . 3,000 people have lost their lives due to this pandemic. Around 40,000 people have been cured.


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