The Hurricane opens up on defeating The Rock in WrestleMania, says it was Rock’s idea

The Hurricane opens up on defeating The Rock in WrestleMania, says it was Rock’s idea

Former WWE Superstar Gregory Shane Helms popularly known as Shane Helms opened up on the past when he had unexpectedly defeated ‘The Rock’ or Dwayne Johnson.

Before the WrestleMania in 2002, The Rock had epic locker verbal bouts with The Hurricane. During this time verbal smackdowns were at rising. At the same time, Rock and Hurricane roasted one another and The Rock openly told Hurricane that any superhero could defeat him.


Now, everyone expected the Rock to beat Hurricane. The two went on to have a match then but what happened is still remembered in the WWE history. The Hurricane beat The Rock unexpectedly.

Now after years Helms revealed the truth behind this fixture. Helms said that it was The Rock’ idea. “The Rock pushed to put me over. It was The Rock’s idea. There might have been some other people that weighed it on it, but there were a lot of people in higher positions that did not want The Rock to lose, going into WrestleMania with Steve Austin,” explains Helms. 

“But Rock pushed for it, he thought it would be okay, he thought it would be a “shock the world” type of thing.”

The other thing that kept the fans interested was the funny commentary by Jim Ross. He was thinking that the referee hit the three count and announced that Hurricane had done it. But it hadn’t happened although it was close.


But at this crucial point, ” Stone Cold” or Steve Austin interfered and made his entry into the ring. The Rock got distracted by Stone Cold and Hurricane caught the Rock from behind and rolled him over for the pin-fall.

The Rock then defeated Stone Cold in their third faceoff at WrestleMania and ended his and one of WWE’s greatest rivalry.

Helms or The Hurricane may not have attained some good success but he definitely can boast of defeating the most electrifying Superstar in all of Sports entertainment.


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