The latest update for Halo Infinite focuses on boosting online play

Halo Infinite is still being fine-tuned, according to 343 Industries’ newest game updates. Checkout the complete article to know more.

Alex Wakeford, a Halo Infinite community writer for 343 Industries, outlined the company’s ambitions in a February Fix blog post. It cites “desync and the overall internet experience” as “subject of late concern.” The problem will be fixed through a series of changes and upgrades.

Richard Watson, the head engineer for the Sandbox team, further says that the developers are prioritising “low pings” to the game’s servers.

Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass All Items
Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass All Items

“This step should help you match with local gamers,” the blog article says. As a result, there will be a “better relationship.”

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Halo Infinite latest updates:

343 Industries has also taken extra steps to “guarantee you can enjoy quality matches with players from your respective regions, more regularly,” according to the company. The update went live earlier this week, with “promising” results so far.

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The update also disables “geo-filtering” in online matches, resulting in improved gaming stability. Manipulation of system files or network settings to push the matchmaking system to deliver players matches hosted locally are examples of such approaches. 343 Industries has a whole post dedicated to the subject. Simply simply, it causes problems for others.

Halo Infinite signs Big Esports Teams
Halo Infinite signs Big Esports Teams

Fracture: Terai will return to Halo Infinite soon, according to the message. In addition, during February, login into the game will unlock the Pan Africa nameplate and logo in honour of Black History Month in the United States.

Since its multiplayer introduction late last year, Halo Infinite has received regular updates. The Big Team Battle (BTB) game modes were recently patched after experiencing various difficulties.

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