The training activities should be started in smaller groups initially in a staggered manner : SAI’s Committee


On Tuesday, Sports Authority of India(SAI) has said that the resumption of athletes training should start in a staggered manner.

Recently, SAI formed the committee of six sections to develop a report on Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

“Resumption of sporting activities shall be in compliance with government guidelines on health, social distancing and hygiene to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. The resumption plan would be different under different circumstances. The activities should be started in smaller groups initially in a staggered manner. The SOP should be flexible to adapt to changing COVID-19 situations,” SAI’s committee said in its report.

The report recommends the initiation of training in three sections depending on the location of athletes and the category of sports. The first section of the reports explained that under which condition and requirements of an SOP was felt for training in sports.

While testing the athletes for resuming training a flow chart should be adopted.

The fifth section of the report has explained the steps to be taken prior to the commencement of the training. Prominent among them is the constitution of a COVID task force at the centre and disinfecting the premises.

There are some guiding principles also taken to resume the training which are implemented as a precautionary measure, educating athletes and other stakeholders.

It also consider that the hygiene officer should be appointed by National Sports Federation in coaching camp inself.

The lockdown 4.0 has been implemented and the government on Sunday, announced new guidelines in which sports complexes and stadiums to reopen and no spectators are allowed in the stadium. The lockdown has been extended till May 31.

“Sports complexes and stadia will be permitted to open. However, spectators will not be allowed,” MHA said in a release.


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