“The UFC changed for me when Lorenzo came out” Anderson Silva on how the UFC has changed

Silva returns to the octagon in the headliner against Uriah Hall, in what will be his final match.

Anderson Silva

Middleweight legend Anderson Silva is all set to gear up one last time as he takes on Uriah Hall, in his return to the octagon for one final match. Having spent nearly a decade and a half in the business; “The spider” feels that things within the UFC have changed, and are not what they used to be.

Although Silva is still passionate about his career, he feels the relationship Endeavor has with its fighters has a sharp contrast as compared to the one the Fertitta brothers maintained.

“Lorenzo and his brother were very close to the fighters”: Silva

Silva (34-10 MMA, 17-6 UFC) has been fighting for the promotion since 2006 and has experienced some major changes first hand.He has seen the rise of a new generation of fighters, the global expansion the UFC, and the $4 billion sale from brothers Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta to Endeavor in 2016.

“I think the UFC changed for me when Lorenzo came out,” Silva stated. “Lorenzo tried to put inside the UFC the big family, and right now it’s completely different, but I continue to fight inside the UFC because I have a lot of friends, and I feel the same family. But, yeah, of course it’s changed a lot when Lorenzo is not inside.” he added.

Silva also went on to say that the previous owners had a much better relationship with the workers as compared to the new ones. “I think Lorenzo and the Fertitta brothers, who were the owners of the UFC, the relationship with fighters was more close, especially for me, I love Dana, but Lorenzo and his brother were very close to the fighters and tried to make the UFC fighters part of the UFC family,” he claimed.

The “spiderman” is all set to fight in the final match of his career, hopefully he goes out in a blaze of glory.

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