“The UFC just said Jorge Masvidal doesn’t want to fight, he talks all this BMF sh*t but he doesn’t want to fight,” says Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards is still sore about Jorge Masvidal ducking him says he'll still find an excuse not to face him after winning against Chimaev.

Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal

The UFC Welterweight fighter Leon Edwards is finally stepping inside the Octagon after a long period of inactivity. Edwards is booked to face the rising welterweight contender Khamzat Chimaev in March.

With a win against Chimaev, Leon Edwards still wants to face Jorge Masvidal next. Edwards has previously tried to face Masvidal but this fight never gets finalized.

‘The Rocky’ is still sore about this that even after winning the fight against Chimaev, Masvidal will continue to duck him. In his latest interview with FightingBananas, Edwards says,

“The UFC just said he Jorge Masvidal doesn’t want to fight, Basically I said, ‘gimme Jorge’ and they said, ‘basically he doesn’t want to fight you and that’s it.’ They said they put it to him and he turned it down, that’s it.”

“You cannot force a man to fight, you know what I mean? He doesn’t want to fight — he talks all this BMF sh*t but he doesn’t want to fight. That’s just the bottom line of it.”

“I think he’ll find some excuse not to fight me, When I win the belt he’ll try call for me then, and try and fight me then, you know what I mean — even then I’ll probably give him a go at the belt. So we’ll see, we’ll see.”

“I’ll keep doing my thing — I’m finna whip his a**, if that doesn’t get him in the cage with me, we’ll see.”

Edwards is pretty confident that he’ll finish Khamzat

Khamzat Chimaev and Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards has been waiting for a long time to show Khamzat Chimaev what it feels like to face a ranked opponent and end all his hype. He seems pretty confident that he’ll finish Khamzat Chimaev.

Edwards added, “I’m going out there for the finish, I feel like I need to prove my case, make a stronger case for the world title. So I’m going out there for the finish,”

“I’m going out there to test everything that he is about, I’m looking to finish. For a while, I was fighting just to prove myself. People thought I couldn’t go five rounds so I go five rounds,”

“Then it is I can’t wrestle, so I wrestle. I’m just trying to prove something in every fight but this one I’m just going out to be myself and dominate. It has been a while, I want to fight and want to compete.”

“I’m going out there looking to be aggressive and looking to finish and test everything he’s about and get that victory.”

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