There Will Be Changes in Events Calendar Announces World Taekwondo


After the postponement of Olympics and games to 2021, World Taekwondo announced the postponement of taekwondo championships.
Taekwondo championships originally scheduled to be held in Wuxi in May 2021will be held in fourth quarter of 2021.

World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue said that World Taekwondo welcomes the decision of postponment of Olympic and Paralympic games which is done for the safety of aal athletes and staff members. He added that at this time all athletes have to focus on their training and keep awaring people about COVID -19.

World Taekwondo announced that there is no changes in Olympic and Paralympic quota places that have been secured through athletes ranking and the continental qualification in Africa, Oceania and Americas.
After monitoring the situation of corona qualification tournament of Asia and Europe will be hosted this year.


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