“They booed at us”: Former NBA legend Dwyane Wade reveals distress after joining Chicago Bulls franchise

Wade unexpected welcome at Chicago Bulls left him troubled

Dwayne Wade
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Dwayne Wade

Dwyane Wade needs no introduction to the NBA. His profound personality had impressed a huge number a fans. He is still considered one of the legends of the ball game. Especially with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade duo, the team exploded for a number of points. Starting his career at the Miami Heat, he still remains one of the best players for the franchise. However, recently Jimmy Butler has put on a real contest to Wade’s record. Dwayne Wade was the reason LeBron James and Chris Bosh moved to the team and helped winning two titles. It was such a great time for the former player. Yet he regrets about some of his decisions that ended up in his humiliation.

After LeBron and Bosh moved to Miami Heats, the trio were dominating the league. Their fierce performance led the ‘big three’ getting some serious attentions. Even after the legends moved out, Dwayne Wade still remained conquering in the team. Yet after 13 years of conquer with the team, he finally moved to the Chicago Bulls. But he did not expect what was in it for him. He did not expect to be booed by the audience.

Dwyane Wade’s expectation at Chicago Bulls

Chicago has been home to NBA legend Michael Jordan. It is a legacy with that man making records one after another. And so did Dwyane Wade had in mind switching to Bulls. But Gilbert Arenas had different plans altogether. When he was asked about how it felt at Chicago his answer was kind of unexpected. He said, “Like playing for Chicago in Miami, I just felt like the crowd was like crazy. I was like, ‘Man, it’s going to be loud up in there.’ And it was a lot of games where I was I was like, ‘Where the crowd? come on!’. And they booed us a lot too. I look for different energy. But outside of that, I didn’t have many expectations.” Dwyane Wade expressed his distress that the team wasn’t ready to have him nor did he had plans on moving.

Dwyane Wade was a lot influenced the way Jordan and Scottie Pippen had made Chicago their family. And it was a childhood dream for the former legend to play for the franchise. He said, “Only thing I would think about Chicago was the Bulls. All I remember is Jordan and Scottie and how amazing it was to play there and then play there as an opponent and how dope it was to go to united centre.” Unfortunately, Wade wasn’t received the way he expected. He still feels miserable on his choices.

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