Thibault Venturino Talks In Awe Of World No. 1 Novak Djokovic’s Game


Novak Djokovic is hands down one of the best tennis players in the world and justifies his World No. 1 ATP ranking. Thibault Venturino spoke about his tennis experiences with some of the best tennis players in the world on a podcast with a French sports reporter. He had the luck to play with Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at the French Open, and also at the Paris Masters.

Among all the players, he seemed to be highly impressed by Novak Djokovic. He praised the Serb and was totally in awe of him. “Novak Djokovic is a champion without an equal,” Venturino said as quoted by Sportskeeda.

The French player kept on praising Djokovic’s game and skills. He added, “He (Djokovic) has no weakness. His quality of return is inhuman.”

Venturino spoke remembering the time when Djokovic asked him to serve wherever he wanted, and to try his best to hit an ace. And Djokovic acing the game, returned every one of Venturino’s serves. “Novak Djokovic once asked me to send 1st serves where I wanted to. It should have been aces, but he returned them all.” Venturino said.

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Novak Djokovic’s Splendid Game

(Picture: TPN/Getty)

As a matter of fact, Novak Djokovic’s return has often left Roger Federer punch-drunk, and the rest of the world in awe. Well, it’s no wonder even his sparring partners can’t words to describe the shot. As rightly reported by most players and critics, Djokovic can send back even the best serve to a spot that is uncomfortable for his opponent. He is equally sharp on his forehand and backhand return.

He can both attack and defend depending on the situation. Most people consider him to be the best returner the sport has ever seen. He is an aggressive counterpuncher with no noticeable weaknesses and is said to be competent in most of the important aspects of tennis.

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