This is the reason Liverpool fans are excited about Thiago Alcantara!

We take a look into what makes new Liverpool signing Thiago Alcantara so special.

Thiago Alcantara

Liverpool recently signed the Bayern sensation Thiago Alcantara. The little pocket dynamite is amongst the best midfieldets in the world. Moreover he’s termed as one of the main reasons for Munich’s success.

However the Spanish midfielder now finds himself in Merseyside. In a team full of Champions. In a team which has won the Premier League and Champions League. How does he improve the team? Let’s find out.

Liverpool fans should be excited about Alcantara!

Thiago Alcantara

Controls the game

One of the primary reasons to choose Thiago will be his sense of dominance. He’s the kind of player who dictates the flow of the game. At Bayern almost all the attacks which started from the middle; it was Thiago as the link.

The midfielder is always dictating the game. Whether it be required to up the ante or slow things down. He’s the man for the occasion. This also sheds light on his leadership capabilities. Moreover he’s going into a team wherein everyone is a leader.

Creates Space

When we talk about creating space; we speak of finding so in crowded situations. A player who can wriggle out between several others. However that’s not the case with Alcantara. With Thiago the positional play is top notch.

He has the ability to notice small gaps and will occupy them. This makes other players easy to pick him out and he can start another attack.

Outrageous passing abilities

Thiago Alcantara

When we talk about a top midfielder we need to consider passing. And my oh my does Alcantara posses it. Outrageous passing skills of the pocket diamond!

He completed a remarkable 75 passes in the 2nd half against Chelsea. That’s a record! Moreover the weight on his passes is exceptional and precise. This makes the job of other players easy. Additionally he can pick out players with accurate long balls.

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