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“This isn’t happening,” Ryan Tannehill gives his verdict on the Tennessee Titans trading close friend A.J. Brown

Ryan Tannehill did not believe that A.J. Brown would leave the franchise this season.

Ryan Tannehill did not have the best of nights when he found that the Tennesse Titans had decided to trade away their star wide receiver, A.J. Brown. The Titans traded Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2022 NFL draft and it came as a shock to Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill and A.J. Brown were best of mates off the field while their on-field partnership was one of the best in the league. Therefore, not only has Tannehill lost out on one of his premier pass receivers but he would miss a friend as well.

Ryan Tannehill was shocked to see his close ally leave the franchise

A.J. Brown

The veteran 33-year old quarterback spoke to reporters for the first time since the move was made official and he did not hide his displeasure and shock. He also claimed, that on first hearing the news he thought it was just a rumour and needed to ring up Brown personally to find out the truth.

“I was shocked. When I first found out, I’m like, ‘This isn’t real, this isn’t happening, it’s a rumour,'” Tannehill said. “And then, I talked to A.J. and found out it was real. I slept terrible that night and kept thinking it was just a bad dream, but that’s where we’re at.”

Ryan Tannehill lost out on his night’s sleep, the day he found out the truth. However, the quarterback was happy to see A.J. Brown get the deal he wanted but felt it would not be easy to let go of the memories the duo had on the pitch over the past seasons.

Ryan Tannehill

“Obviously, professionally, it hurt,” Tannehill told reporters. “Top target, heckuva football player, made big plays for us consistently over the last three years.”

“Personally, it hurt,” he added. You know A.J.’s a good friend. Have a lot of great times, great memories on and off the field with him. “Not being able to see him on a daily basis is going to be different, going to be hard. Happy to see him get what he wanted, but at the end of the day, it hurts.”

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